Best tissue paper manufacturers in Maharashtra

Tissue paper, that delicate and versatile product we often take for granted, undergoes a fascinating journey before it finds its way into our homes and businesses. The manufacturing process behind tissue paper is a blend of science, technology, and craftsmanship, resulting in the soft and absorbent product we rely on daily.

Tissue paper production begins with the careful selection of raw materials. Softwood and hardwood trees, such as pine and eucalyptus, are commonly used due to their long fibers and excellent pulp quality. These trees are harvested sustainably, ensuring a steady supply of materials for the production process.

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The chosen wood is subjected to a pulping process, where it is broken down into individual fibers. This can be achieved through mechanical or chemical methods. Mechanical pulping involves grinding and refining the wood, while chemical pulping, specifically the Kraft process, uses chemicals to dissolve the lignin and separate fibers.

The pulp is then bleached to remove any residual lignin, which can cause discoloration. This step also ensures that the tissue paper achieves the desired level of whiteness. Additionally, the pulp undergoes thorough cleaning to remove impurities and enhance its quality.

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The cleaned and bleached pulp is mixed with water to create a slurry. This slurry is then poured onto a wire mesh conveyor, allowing water to drain and fibers to form a continuous paper web. The web is further pressed to remove excess water, forming a more consolidated sheet.

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